Six Signs to Look for to Identify a Possible Longview Pest Infestation

Homeowners, consider pests as unwelcome visitors in their homes. The presence of pests can result in different issues such as property damage and health risks to humans. However, pest infestations are real and any property can be infested with different pests. As a homeowner, you must learn to identify signs of infestations to prevent a small issue from becoming a major one. Staying informed about these signs can help you act proactively and protect your home against invasive pests. Longview Pest Control services are always available to help you address a pest issue and prevent future infestations.  The following are signs of pest infestation in Longview:

Property Damage

Pests can damage your walls, plants, fabric, wiring, and insulation. Pests such as termites and carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage in crawlspaces, attics, and basements. Other pests can lay their eggs in fabric items like couches and curtains. Rodents like rats and mice tend to chew on anything constantly to prevent their teeth from growing. Moreover, these pests can attack your food storage and contaminate your food, resulting in health risks, extra expenses, and more waste. 


Rats and mice leave behind droppings around your house. These droppings can contain pathogens that can make you, your family, and your pets sick. In addition, smaller insects like termites and roaches can release brown pellets that indicate their presence. But these droppings may not be easy to identify. Because of this, the infestation may have gotten out of control the moment you discover these droppings. 

A Foul, Strange Odor

You will know some pests are taking up residence in your house when you notice an unpleasant, unusual odor. For instance, bed bugs can produce a sweet, musty odor while rats and mice tend to leave a strong, pungent odor behind. If you notice these odors, you should inspect your house carefully to find other signs of pest activity and infestation.  

Plant Damage

A pest infestation can also be detected by inspecting your garden. Insects like voles, moles, bugs, flies, beetles, and crickets can cause garden damage. For example, insect trails can be visible along with bite marks on outdoor plants. Sometimes, pests can damage lawn patches. When pests are present in your lawn, you can notice the grass not having the same lengths or find big brown, dead areas in there. 

Entry Points

Pests constantly find ways to enter your house and any foundational gaps or entry points make this easy for them. They can squeeze their bodies through tiny holes. Also, pests can use these holes to burrow deeper into homes, leading to dirt mounds or other matter. Additionally, as pests search for food, water, and possible mate, they can leave tracks that indicate their movements. Such tracks can help you identify how these critters might have entered your home. 

Sounds and Activity

Bigger pests like mice and rats are active at night. Thus, you may notice squeaking and scratching sounds that can wake you up from your sleep. Usually, these sounds can come from the attic or walls as these places have minimal foot traffic and can offer pests easy access to your house.